Cost Effective - Efficient eMarketing Solution Email, SMS, Fax, Survey, all in one, easy and simple system
Email – SMS – Fax – Survey : Marketing

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Winning that Customer.
It is so much easier to look after an Existing Customer than to look for new one.

In this electronic age, it has become so much easier to keep in touch with your customers and inform
them about your products and services, upcoming events, promotions, competitions, etc.

High Impact – Efficient – Cost Effective

In this New Age of Smartphones, iPads, Tablet computers – it is so much easier and convenient to reach potential Customers. Get your advertisement delivered direct in their inbox via Email, SMS. Prices starting from less than 1 cent per eMail and 5 cents per SMS, it is much more economical to reach out to to your customers.

eMarketing Solutions

Email Marketing
  • 77.6% of 18 to 64 yr Olds use Internet Email to communicate.
  • Email Newsletters are economical to create so you send them more frequently to your customer.
  • It's affordable to any business no paper stamp and envelopes needed.

Email Marketing is the most cost effective and efficient method of direct marketing to reach out to your Customers.

SMS Marketing
  • 21.26 million mobiles in Australia.
  • SMS is most effective way of sending your message through. Even how busy the receiver is immediately the SMS is checked.
  • as low as 5 cents.

SMS Marketing is the Fastest Growing form of short, efficient, quick delivery, Marketing Campaign.

Fax Marketing
  • A printed paper on the other offering great specials is worth a look by all.
  • Send out new Price Sheet to all your customers, faster and cheaper than faxing one by one
  • as low as 6 cents.

Fax Marketing is best for businesses who need to send out material that requires to be printed on the other end.

Survey Marketing
  • Get Customer feedback, Market Research your products, Plan your Event – even collect payment online for the event.
  • You want to know how good your product is without writing lines of codes this is the best way of doing it.
  • as low as 1 cent per Survey

Survey is a great way of know how your Product works. Easy fast and simple way of creating your online survey and coming up events.

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