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CampaignHub.com.au is for Australians made by Australians. So if you an Australian Business in need of Cost Efective and Efficient Direct Marketing solution then we can help you there.

At this point our services are directed at creating Marketing Campaigns, however our campaignhub.com.au Smart Engine can be incoperated into any type of solution where you need to send out automated, controlled bulk, emails, sms, postal, fax, etc.

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We here at CampaignHub.com.au hate SPAM.

Making sure that our systems are running 100% is as important our clients ahere to the Australian Communications and Media Authority. Please view details at the ACMA website www.acma.gov.au

Email and SMS has become so ecenomical, efficient type of Marketing, it is becoming norm is this new age. There are many policies around Direct Marketing, however for legimate business it is easiest to utilise this type eMarketing to keep in touch with their customers. We at CampaignHub.com.au will help your business ahere to all regulations yet deliver high impact marketing campaigns.

We believe every business is different and we would personally sit down with you to explain what is involved and how easy it is to run successfull Marketign Campaigns.

Our servers are regularly monitored not only for system upkeeping but campaign activity is also analysed.

E-mail: info@campaignhub.com.au

CampaignHub 2.0

We recently enhanced some our main modules. We are looking for small businesses to try out this new functionality. Try us out and get FREE eMarketing for your business.
Campaignhub 2.0
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