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eMarketing - Electronic Marketing: is emerging to be the most widely used of Marketing. There are many benefits to eMarketing, low cost, efficient distribution capabilities, targeted audience, interactive with clients, live monitoring, etc

Email Marketing - Deliver an Informative, attractive Newsletter to your Customers inbox for less than 1 Cent. Send Personalised, Name, Subject and Body content to targeted Customers.Simple as 1 2 3. Email campaign Easy and Simple tool step by step instruction.Email newsletters are economical to create so you can send them more frequently to your customers. Email marketing is a better and more effective than regular email. It’s affordable to any business no paper stamp and envelopes needed.
SMS Marketing is the Fastest Growing form of short, efficient, quick delivery, Marketing Campaign. There are 21.26 million mobiles in Australia. 94% of people read their text messages as it arrives. Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z carry their driver’s license, wallet and their Mobile Phone with them everywhere–makes sense to target your product advertising direct to inbox. Smartphone’s are a computer and phone combined into one technology, and Australia is leading the world here and using mobiles capable of connecting to the internet.
Fax Marketing - On the other hand, having your advertisement on paper, offering great specials is worth taking a look at. Cost effective, upload a list, choose Template format and Send out. Faxing is best for businesses that want to contact schools, small businesses and retails who rarely visit there computer. Advertise your product in just one page, which is more effective than sending many.
Survey Marketing - Are you interested in coming to our Dinner Party functions. Surveys are easy and fast. It’s a simple way of creating your online Survey and your coming up events. Do you want to know how good your product is without writing lines of codes? Well this is the best way of doing it. It’s all about click and drag, it’s easy and simple to use.

Campaignhub.com.au is a unique state-of-art eMarketing Solution provided by BeyondeBiz for sending Email, SMS, Fax, and Surveys. It is a one stop shop for all your eMarketing needs.
How we are unique: We are not marketing gurus, we are Software Experts! We have our own high end server infrastructure in world class data centre. We built CampaignHub from scratch and we can customise to suit any business with FREE of charge. Super fast, efficient, effective, economical – it Works! Try for Free.

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CampaignHub 2.0

We recently enhanced some our main modules. We are looking for small businesses to try out this new functionality. Try us out and get FREE eMarketing for your business.
Campaignhub 2.0
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