Cost Effective - Efficient eMarketing Solution Email, SMS, Fax, Survey, all in one, easy and simple system
BeyondeBiz Consulting Pty Ltd- Custom Software Development
An Australia Software Solutions Company providing High Quality Business Software Services at Great Value. We work with a vast range of industries ,
our highly qualified consultants have extensive experience and using leading edge technologies with committed enthusiasm we will help your business succed.
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Our Unique Products that works with CampaignHub
WEMS - Website Emails Managemets System.
Automated Email Management System that Receives and Distributes all your Website emails based on Rules you set into the software.This Robotic Software automatically reply to the sender with a personalised
message from your sales team members, base on rules, etc. And auto forward the message to team member as well. The automation is based on full set of business rules how the emails should be distributed, who is on holidays, etc. A Full reporting allow you to monitor how each email was handled, when & how many did the sales consultant replied, when did it turn into sales Quote. Above all, All your Website emails can be harvested & hence used towards your eMarketing campaigns.

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CampaignHub 2.0

We recently enhanced some our main modules. We are looking for small businesses to try out this new functionality. Try us out and get FREE eMarketing for your business.
Campaignhub 2.0
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